Sky News Afternoon Agenda with Kieran Gilbert - Transcript


SUBJECTS: Unemployment rate, minimum wage submission, Voice to Parliament.

KIERAN GILBERT (HOST): On one of our top stories today, an increase in the unemployment rate from 3.5 to 3.7 per cent. I spoke a short time ago with the Assistant Minister for the Treasury, Andrew Leigh.

ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR COMPETITION, CHARITIES AND TREASURY ANDREW LEIGH: Kieran, these are still extraordinary unemployment figures. To have an unemployment rate below 4 per cent is still essentially full employment in the Australian economy. Our Budget forecast that there would be a modest rise in the unemployment rate, but we do hope to maintain full employment because it's so important for ensuring that people have jobs, that we see equity in the labour market and that we see those steady wage rises, including the substantial wage rise number we saw this week.

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National Volunteer Week Governor House Reception - Speech

Volunteering Australia Reception – National Volunteer Week

Government House, Canberra
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Thank you all for joining us. My name is Andrew Leigh, Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury. I acknowledge the Ngunnawal people, pay my respects to their elders, and commit myself, as a member of the Albanese Government, to the implementation in full of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Your Excellencies, thank you for having us here today and for your passion and hard work on behalf of Australian volunteers. To Mark Pearce and Michael Drew from Volunteering Australia, thank you for the important work you do. And to all the volunteers and volunteer peeps in the room. Thanks for keeping the country running.

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Afternoon Briefing with Greg Jennett - Transcript


SUBJECTS: PwC scandal, deductible gift recipient listings, Stage 3 tax cuts, Housing Australia Future Fund

GREG JENNETT (HOST): Andrew Leigh, thanks for coming back on the programme. Why don't we start out around multinational taxation? Because it does seem with each and every further investigation by the Parliament, the PwC scandal only grows. For those who aren't familiar peddling ill-gotten information and profiting from it, AusTender shows that PwC still has on foot, millions of dollars worth of contracts. Will they pay a price with this government, financially, I mean, because of this sorry episode?

ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR COMPETITION, CHARITIES AND TREASURY ANDREW LEIGH: Well, the first thing to say, Greg, is this was an appalling, shocking breach of trust by PwC. To effectively take this insider information and to use it to peddle a scheme for their clients is utterly outrageous. And I think the reaction you've seen across the community reflects that. I'm glad they set up an inquiry with Ziggy Switzkowski. I'd urge them to fully release the results of that inquiry. In terms of what it means for PwC's tenders, Katy Gallagher, as Finance Minister, has asked for a review of the conditions under which tenderers are selected and whether such a code of conduct should go to behaviour of this kind.

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Measuring What Matters - Public Online Townhall Consultations

The Albanese government will provide a Measuring What Matters Statement to mark Australia's progress on important social, financial and environmental criteria. 

Traditional economic indicators provide important insights, but not a complete picture of wellbeing. We're introducing a Measuring What Matters Statement to help us assess our national progress on a broad range of social and environmental indicators, alongside traditional measures of economic strength.

Economic measures such as GDP play an important role but they are not the only things that matter. They won't tell us, for example, whether certain groups are getting a fair share of national opportunities and prosperity. Including a broader set of measures of economic wellbeing will help us focus on factors that are important to community cohesion and longer-term prosperity.

Because we want these measures to reflect what matters to you, we want you to be involved in our public consultations about measuring what matters.

Our online Measuring What Matters virtual townhall meetings will be convenient and interactive. Sign up for either of the two sessions at the links below.

  • Wednesday 24 May | 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm (AEST) | Register HERE
  • Friday 26 May | 10.30 am - 11.30 am (AEST) | Register HERE
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Getting More Young People Back into Volunteering - Joint Media Release


The Albanese Labor Government is investing in the future of the volunteering sector with a funding boost designed to connect 5000 young people with volunteering organisations across the country.

This National Volunteering Week, a total of $1 million in additional funding will be given to Communiteer this financial year with the task of building the number of youth in volunteering roles.

Research shows that young people who engage in volunteering prior to entering the workforce are more likely to have a lifelong connection to volunteering.

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ABC Canberra with Adam Shirley - Transcript

MONDAY, 15 MAY 2023

SUBJECTS: Diversity in the public service

ADAM SHIRLEY (HOST): Dr Andrew Leigh is the Assistant Minister federally for Competition, Charities and Treasury. Dr Leigh, sounds like you’re going to lose someone – at least one person – who’s texted in this morning because they’ve had it with the culture. How much does that concern you?

ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR COMPETITION, CHARITIES AND TREASURY ANDREW LEIGH: It certainly concerns me, Adam. We need to make sure that the public service is a model employer that attracts and retains great people. It’s one of the principles of the APS reform agenda that we’ve got in place. We want an APS that embodies integrity in everything that it does. And just as when the Commonwealth walks into a court room it aims to be a model litigant, so, too, when it’s dealing with employees it needs to be a model employer.

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We must promote the best in APS - Opinion piece

Discrimination must be eliminated from the public service

Canberra Times, 15 May 2023

Every day, Centrelink staff help people who are down on their luck, CSIRO staff research cutting-edge science, and cyber security experts assess potential threats. Anyone who's worked closely with Australian public servants know how dedicated, hardworking and thoughtful they are.

Yet despite the many strengths of the public service, it can still do better, and one area that it can improve is diversity.

In a recent analysis, economists Robert Breunig, David Hansell and Nu Nu Win studied promotion prospects across the Australian public service. Their data source is extraordinarily detailed, comprising essentially every public servant over a twenty-year period, from 2001 to 2020. With more than 100,000 public servants in each year, the dataset runs into millions of observations.

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Empowering Consumers and Small Business through a Designated Complaints Function - Media Release


As part of the Albanese Government’s Better Competition election commitment, consumer and small business advocates will be empowered to raise systemic complaints within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) from July 2024. 

Currently there is no formal mechanism for consumer or small business advocacy groups to lodge complaints, to which the ACCC is obligated to respond. 

The Designated Complaints function will enable consumer and small business advocacy groups to submit a complaint to the ACCC where they have strong evidence of systemic market issues under the consumer law.

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Condolence Motion Allan Gyngell - Speech

Condolence Motion Allan Gyngell
House of Representatives, 11 May 2023

Allan Gyngell was one of Australia's greatest public servants. He was happy to be a member of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's famous class of 1969, alongside Sandy Holloway, Rick Smith and John Dauth.

I first met Allan 30 years after that, in 1999. I was the Labor Party's trade adviser, reaching out to experts on behalf of my boss, Senator Peter Cook. As a 27-year-old staffer I was just the conduit for the shadow trade minister, but Allan took an interest in me and helped mentor me in my career. I'm not sure I ever knew anyone so influential yet so modest.

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Condolence Motion John Kerin - Speech

Condolence Motion John Kerin
House of Representatives, 11 May 2023

The last public event that I did with John Kerin was to introduce him as the guest of honour at ACT Labor's dinner celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Whitlam government at the Canberra Labor Club in December 2022.

John was physically frail but intellectually lively, and he told the stories of serving with Gough. And what better person to regale the dinner than a man whose first stint in federal parliament had coincided exactly with the Whitlam government? Elected in 1972 as member for Macarthur and unelected in 1975. At least his dismissal was by the voters. When John returned to parliament in 1978 it was as Gough Whitlam's successor as member for Werriwa. John won a three-way preselection contest and served the people of Werriwa until 1993.

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