Viagogo guilty of misleading punters with ticket scams - Media Release


The Federal Court has today found that Viagogo breached Australian Consumer Law by misleading the public while reselling entertainment, music and live sport event tickets on its website.

The Court found Viagogo intentionally misled Australian consumers by claiming tickets to certain events were “scarce” and stated claims like “less than 1 per cent tickets remaining” to create a false sense of urgency for the consumer.

Labor welcomes this decision by the Federal Court and applauds the ACCC in holding the multinational accountable to Australian law.

We have already announced action against dodgy ticket scalping, and reselling practices which lock fans out of major events.

Labor will introduce a national ban on the use of ticket-buying bot software, which flood ticket websites to purchase the most tickets possible, causing ordinary consumers to miss out.

We will also introduce a national cap on the resale price of tickets at 110 per cent of the initial face value.

This will mean fans will get a fair go on accessing tickets to sporting blockbusters, as well as concerts, festivals, musicals and the theatre.

A Labor Government will also boost consumer protection by:

  • Strengthening disclosure requirements for all ticket sellers.
  • Allowing for the fair resale of tickets, preventing primary ticket sellers cancelling legitimately purchased on-sold tickets.
  • Introducing a national ban on speculative ticket listing.

The ACCC will conduct a review of these measures after 12 months of operation, with a view to further strong action if required.

Labor will continue to advocate for Australian sports and music fans to make sure consumers get an overdue fair go.

After six years of Liberal cuts and chaos, our united Labor team is ready to deliver a fair go for consumers.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra.

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