Reconciliation Run 2021 - Speech, House of Representatives



I want to thank all the members and senators who joined the Reconciliation Run this morning, co-organised by Rob de Castella's Indigenous Marathon Foundation and the Parliamentary Friends of Running. It's a reminder that there are many small steps we can take towards reconciliation alongside the big one: an Indigenous voice to parliament. We could fly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags inside the parliamentary chambers alongside the Australian flag. We could have the Speaker speak the acknowledgement of country in Ngunnawal language when parliament begins. Capital cities could be given dual names as the New Zealanders do. Instead of the Queen's visage, Australian coins could see feature the heads of prominent Indigenous people. The $2 coin does feature the image of Gwoya Tjungurrayi, but he's on the tails side of the coin.

Another idea to which I'm quite attracted is put forward by Canberran Anna Howe, who proposes that in the Parliamentary Triangle Mall Road West should be renamed Neville Bonner Place. It would be apt to do so given that next week marks 50 years since Neville Bonner was elected to the parliament. There is an exhibition of the parliamentary art collection acknowledging his work, curated by Rebecca Richards and Lachlan Murray, and I encourage all honourable members to see that collection and to consider Anna Howe's excellent proposal.


Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra

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