Growing the jobs of the future with Camplify - Doorstop, Newcastle




FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015

SUBJECT/S: Sharing economy; Supporting local start-ups

SHADOW ASSISTANT TREASURER ANDREW LEIGH: It's a real pleasure to be in Newcastle today with Sharon Claydon, engaging with new industries. We've just been to meet with the founders of, a start-up which is launching its updated website today. Camplify gives Australians the opportunity to directly connect with someone who is hiring out a caravan or campervan. It's just another example of how the new sharing economy is creating jobs around Australia. Labor's sharing economy discussion paper recently closed its submissions, and received hundreds of responses from firms and individuals around Australia about how we can make sure that the sharing economy serves consumers and workers. It's a delight to see the hard work that Sharon is putting into growing this industry and providing jobs and opportunities in Newcastle, and I'll just hand over to Sharon now to say a few words.

MEMBER FOR NEWCASTLE SHARON CLAYDON: It's terrific to have Andrew Leigh here in Newcastle today to see firsthand some of the opportunities that the sharing economy is providing for new jobs and jobs of the future here in Newcastle. Camplify is one of many new start-up companies operating here, and there's a tremendous commitment to maintaining their base here in Newcastle, engaging local firms and graphic designers to help with their products, and to really build on what is a fledgling start-up community here in Newcastle. They're aware and very appreciate that Labor is thinking about the sharing economy space. They would like to have opportunities to work with government more closely, and to find ways of generating jobs for the future.

LEIGH: Thanks very much everyone. 


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