Canberra, the celebration capital - Speech, House of Representatives


It is festival season in Australia's greatest city and over the weekend around 200,000 Canberrans came to the National Multicultural Festival, enjoying Korean deep fried chicken with cheese, Croatian cevapi, Tibetan momos, South Indian puri, North Indian butter chicken, debating the critical question as to whether the German or the Serbian stall produced the better sausage and enjoying some 220kg of potatoes prepared by the Czech association.

This weekend it continues with the Canberra Show coming up. Around 50,000 people attended last year and, with this being the first year that Canberrans can take light rail to the Canberra Show, hopefully that record will be broken. We have a host of exciting activities coming up.

Past entertainment has included car soccer, freestyle motocross and precision driving as well as thousands of horses, cattle and sheep. Given the tragic bushfires in the region, this will be a moment for Canberrans to celebrate our local region and the bush capital.

There is also the Enlighten Festival on this weekend. It includes a cruise along Lake Burley Griffin. There is Questacon's illuminated igloo garden and there is ‘Enlightening Elections’ at the National Electoral Education Centre at the Museum of Australian Democracy. There is no question; this is the greatest city in Australia.


Authorised by  Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.

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