ASIC to look into Stuart Robert - Media Release


Labor welcomes confirmation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission that it will make a new series of inquiries into Stuart Robert’s directorships.

The inquiry follows media reports that Mr Robert’s resignation as a director of Cryo Australia only occurred after media inquiries, rather than testimony he gave parliament, and examine whether he was in breach of the Corporations Act.

The public deserve to know that everything has been done to ensure that he has done no wrong, particularly since the allegations surrounding his involvement as a director of companies would fall under his responsibilities as the Government Minister in charge of monitoring companies and their directors.

It was also concerning to learn overnight that the system cited as the single most effective measure to crack down on illegal phoenix activity – the Director Identification Number – may not be implemented for years.

Labor has been calling for action on this for 16 months yet overnight Treasury could not provide a timeframe for implementing the system, and conceded that it could take “a couple of years”.

We are concerned that the Government and Treasury have “not formed a view yet” on what minimum identity verification is required, if at all.

For the sake of Australia’s taxpayers, workers and honest businesses, Mr Robert and his government colleagues must implement a director identification number sooner rather than later.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra

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  • AnuradhaRoychaudhuri
    commented 2018-10-31 01:22:22 +1100
    Dear Mr. Andrew Leigh MP,
    Please allow me to express my respect and Wish you with good health, peace, happiness and love. I don’t have any intention to heart any single Australians in the globe except to recover my money because fight for family existence daughters using global platform if not acknowledge fair human value by Australian Govt.

    AUSTRALIA’S COMMITMENT GLOBALLY FRAUD, BRIBERY & Australia were the original signatory of Human Rights which REFLECTS AUSTRALIANS NATIONAL VALUES with the international community. Australians are operating in accordance with international best-practice standards, including those related to human rights & transparency.

    Successfuly create cross border growth which stands as a part of Australia REWARD PROFESSIONALLY FRAUD (one of the reason trust never expect Australian can now more embarrassed & depressed with Australian govt role) POOR FAMILYS FOOD of 2YRS WAGES, EXPENCES and ENTITLEMENTS payable on 31.07.2015 & before by ROSENWAX of Australian Catering Equipment Pty Ltd (Ace Filters) Melbourne ACN006949006 @ECAJewry right ? DISREGARDED MY FAMILY & MOTHER (many of the example one is your condom when my mother was in cancer hospital and I had been made to go around for money) WHO DIED IN 2015 due to cancer ailment (Could not offer treatment) NOW I’M BEING DEPRIVED OF “FAIR GO” and systematically & chronically inflicting mental torture, cruelty & intentionally degrading treatment by Australian govt since 2015 ??
    I was employed in Melbourne to develop South West Asian countries business. Based on my credentials, academic qualification and CÏBIL report (Was 834 out of 900 done by Dun and Brad Street, Australia), Australian Catering Equipment Pty Ltd (Ace Filters) ACN 006949006, 9 Eastpur Court, Kilsyth, East Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria 3137 employed me on full time basis (even I worked on Saturday & Sunday NOT LESS THAN 70 hours a week because Saturday & Sunday open in S. West Asian Countries) and imparted me with in-house professional training (During training at Melbourne factory I stay at Jireh Lodge, 345 Warrandyte-Ringwood Rd, Victoria 3113 Tel. 03 98444350) and worked in Melbourne to serve as Regional Manager for South West Asian Countries on salary of $2000 per month + expenses, later added commission mutually agreed based on legitimate contractual terms from 1st August 2012 – july 2015 duly signed by chairman of the company in Melbourne and my written acceptance for the above period. The job started in Melbourne, Australia and ended here in South West Asia. The employer company provided me successful professional letter dated June 15, 2015 (It was a 3yrs contractual job ended july 2015) acknowledging credibility of my performance as being a valuable member of company’s global business in South West Asian countries. I would also like to state that my name was on company’s global contact pages from august 2012 – until august 2015 when I left the company. Received monthly salaries and expenses for a year drawn against invoices per month being credited with my Citi Bank Savings Account, Kolkata, India strictly as per legitimate contractual terms. I have many hard copies of the documents duly signed by chairman of the company and emails where he directing me to execute his orders. Prepared my name card and executed company email ids in Melbourne.
    I had introduced with the Australian company between end of 2009-2010 exchanged a couple of emails for few months. Once he said Gopal I am coming to Delhi is it possible for you to join and stay in the same hotel for a night. I agreed and joined in the hotel in Gurgaon stay for a night. It was a good hotel can not remember the name of the hotel. We discussed the possibility of expanding Australian company’s business here in India. Next day afternoon both we visited McDonalds in NewDelhi and from there I came back to Kolkata and he left for Taj Mahal.Then exchange few emails with regard to our markets until 2010 middle or little later and thereafter disconnected. Australian company again contacted early 2012 & had exchanged several emails before final agreement and confirmation of employment.
    You will find David Rosenwax email dated 15th june 2012 where he directing me in his own handwriting with signature for printing name card in companys logo dated 16th june 2012. David Rosenwax email dated 28th june 2012 at 6:53 to me and copy to Kade Rosenwax Managing Director and Michael Conway General Manager……We would employ you full time… I would like to know what wages in A$ or in US$ you would need on a monthly basis and an idea of overhead costs it would cost us to run an office for travel, phone calls etc. Email dated 2nd august 2012 from David Rosenwax confirmed I am an employee of ACE Filters as a Regional manager. (Email enclosed my last task for executing company’s order dated 15th july 2015 and 24th july 2015 etc. etc. Copy of email dated 31st july 2015 with regard to my discontinuation from 1st august 2015.)
    Never ever possible however I was even advised to take legal recourse for settling the issue of my outstanding payments, but I had always expected & believed that my rightful remuneration would be duly paid by the employer through humanitarian appeal & meaningful discussion, which never happened till date. In these regard I tried to follow up with Australian employer, but resulted in making several excuses & abusive comments. Australian company once said we set up our factory in India for South West Asian Market worked many a months next he decides to rent godown across india unfortunately did nothing and said Europe consumption is more than india inspite of your large population. European prefer more fast food than indians. I did not leave the company because the market was steady and had a strong hope with believe that the employer will set up a factory in India. Materials all the way coming from USA to Australia prepared and re-export to India. Urge Australian employer co by email dated 17th march 2015 to transfer a portion of my money into Tata Cancer Hospital Account – MR/15/002606 for my mother’s treatment which never happened. I received 20% amount of my actual commission dated 20.07.2017 even after long negotiations for shipments which took place through my hard work to KFC Bangladesh and KFC Srilanka, which was received too late to do anything for saving my mother who died on 13th may 2015.
    I owe the credit for executing the export of Miracle Filter powder @ US$ 7-8 a kg cnf, against a targeted export price by ACE Filters @ US$ 3.4 a kg cnf, which shows my competence to bag the orders at higher price. Inspite of proven competence I was never bestowed with financial reward or being acknowledged for my whole hearted appeal to grant my outstanding payments. Australian company never expences a single money for media under my supervision. Mr David Rosenwax direct me to open a bank account with HSBC India and allow him to withdraw money from the said account sitting in Australia or else where using international debit card. I said not possible Sir. Develop ACE Business here KFC India, Banladesh, Srilanka and Mauritious along with other clients. He used his other offices for export of this destinations which I did not aware of the sales figure even not a single commission even known commission was very little even none.
    Australian Government’s globally promoting prosperity & deliver aid through economic diplomacy, actively managing fraud, anti-corruption, responsibly engaging with risk and applying safeguards, transparency & pursues your national interest and extends Australia’s influence. The role of Government is also to ensure that Australian companies are operating in accordance with international best-practice standards, including those related to human rights and transparency. So, I also expected that my humanitarian appeal for granting me the outstanding payment would be given the rightful consideration.

    I have been made to go around different dept as once dept I approached passes on the buck to other dept for fresh harassing since july 2015. After sending so many Emails, Telephones, Tweets, Speed Post to various Department, Authorities, Ministers concerned with the Australian Government, requesting for rightful payment of outstanding 2yrs remuneration++++ payable on 31.07.2015 & before, I have found that from all the replies I had received, it has been clear that each & every human being associated with the Australian Govt who addressed my replies felt
    i) my truthful & honest approach for genuine appeal to provide the outstanding payment is honest claim ;
    ii) my deep anguish caused for not providing the payment by Australian
    Catering Equipment Pty Ltd (Ace Filters), Melbourne, ACN: 006949006 was duly ACKNOWLEDGED ;
    iii) the inability to provide the rightful remedies to me, as the legal bindings &
    bureaucratic hurdles COMPELLED to do so ;
    iv) the law of land in Australia was created only to ADDRESS for its fellow citizens
    a) Therefore, all honourable dignitaries and officials holding respectable position in the Australian government & associated departments who addressed to my concerns must have retrospectively felt a sense of humiliation for letting down the honour of AUSTRALIA by an Australian company for

    i) Being able to derive unethical protection within the framework of the country’s Legal & bureaucratic system ;
    ii) Taking undue advantage of the law of land & compromising its standards in
    the eye of both the Australian & international society.
    What I find in 3yrs Fraud & Intentional Underpayment of Wages by Australians or Company is not a Crime & Punishable in Australia reason GOVT on the side of Fraudulent & Focused on Australians safe and together, The Reputation of Australian Businesses & Global Commitments to Fraud & Human Rights !! Australian traditional commitment to egalitarianism as the mythic “fair go” however I’m systematically and chronically inflicting prolong mental torture, cruelty & degrading treatment by Australian Suffering acute mental pain and depression which is intentionally inflicting by Australian govt for more than 3yrs and my family condition has gradually plummeted into financial stringency only option is to surrender our life’s.
    I have a Master’s Degree in Economics and MBA in International Business and Finance Dual Specialization with 24 yrs International Experience in Business being Associated with Multinational Company’s in India and Abroad, considering my qualification and experience at a monthly salary of $2000 in Australia does not stand to be fair even comparing with the Indian standard.

    I have provided the following documents executed at Melbourne factory premises and by emails for granting my outstanding payment :

    • Offer of employment email 28th june 2012
    • Signed contract of employment dated 1st august 2012
    • Bank statements for 3yrs from 1st august 2012 – 31st july 2015
    • Bank statements after my employment from 1st august 2015 – dec 2015
    • An example of Invoice for monthly wages and expences
    • Payment summaries
    • Successful professional letter issued by company dated june 15, 2015
    • Email dated 16th june 2012 with regard to my name card duly signed by chairman of the Australian co.
    • Handwritten of chairman for my name card guidance
    • My name Card front and back side in the name of Australian company
    • My name was there global pages until august 2015..a copy
    • Resignation letter to Australian co & copy to CGI Melbourne
    • Reply letter from Australian High Commission New Delhi
    • Service discontinuation letter response from DFAT
    • Photograph in Australia with chairman
    • Email dated 24th july 2015
    • Email dated 16th july 2015
    • Email dated 15th july 2015 to GM of the Australian Co. for Srilanka
    • Email 23rd july 2015
    • Email 20th july 2015
    • Email 19th march 2015
    • Email dated 16th sep 2017 and many other emails with regard to my dues
    • David email dated 19th march urged for my mother
    • My identity, supporting many documents AND many other supporting documents executed at factory premises in Melbourne and emails.

    Consulate General of India, Melbourne requested the employer company by a letter dated 13th august 2015 to fulfil contractual obligations but in vain. External Affairs Ministry tweeted once for the same.

    I could not understand the intention of Australian Government Department betwixt and between letters from Prime Minister, Human Services Minister, Social Services Minister, Employment Minister, Finance Minister and so on many letters…….…is it really for HELP or PROLONGED MENTAL TORTURE Because all this letters fetch no result since july 2015 ???? PLEASE READ my 2 PAGES letter regarding my complains with WITH VARIOUS AUSTRALIAN GOVT DEPARTMENT with reference since 2015.
    The issue of my Non Payment fell outside of Fair Work Ombudsman Ref MAT 0015-3488 & Commonwealth Ombudsman Ref 2017-708833 jurisdiction. Commonwealth Ombudsman rightly said legislation is too restrictive and is unfair to foreign nationals it would be open to you to raise this with a Member of Parliament in Australia !!!!! Fair Entitlements Guarantee under Department of Jobs and Small Business, Australian Government informed by a letter Ref. CLAIM-00416455 dated 6august2018 my former employer remains responsible for paying my employment entitlements. As directed by SFC, Dept. of Finance, Australia my application for an Act of Grace Payment dated 4th Oct 2017 Ref. RMS17/05047 until not authorise……. Applied for a compensation with Human Services Dept. in Australia by Speed Post EW776849079IN and the said department received my application with documents dated 16th October 2017 until no reply.
    Federal Police Commissioner of Australia reply dated 26th may 2017 and Police Commissioner of Victoria reply dated 24th july 2017.

    AUSTRAC reply letter dated 2nd October 2018 and IBAC ref CF/16/1709 reply letter dated 1ST JULY 2016, 20TH JULY 2016, 26th july 2016.

    Letter from Attorney General of Australia ref EC18-000021 dt 9 Janury 2018, ref MC18-003004 dt 31 may 2018, ref MC18-003904 dt 24 may 2018, ref MC18-006698 dt 18 July 2018, ref MC18-006708 dt 18 JULy 2018, ref MC18-007982 dt 10 August 2018 & Office of the Attorney General of Victoria reply letter dated 31st August 2017.

    AUSTRAC reply letter dated 2nd October 2018 and SCAMWATCH Australia many a times submission ID etc etc.: accc-scamwatch : 271843, 271845, 271846, 271849, 271851 so on many more. Corruption and Crime Commission Australia reply letter dated 13th july 2016.

    Prime Minister of Australia dept 6 letters Ref C15/67626, C15/71585, C15/71455, AC15/72257, C15/96224, C15/120931 have been an encouraging sign of a strong democracy & responsive government.

    Minister of Finance, Victoria also referred my issue with employment minister of Australia for consideration by a letter dated 7th February 2018.

    Victoria law reform commission reply letter dated june 28, 2016. Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission reply letter dated june 24, 2016. Victorian ombudsman reply letter ref C1610178 june 15, 2016 & june 16, 2016.

    AUSTRADE, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Governor General of Australia etc etc.

    Minister of Social Services Australia referred my concern with Centrelink to Employment Minister of Australia for Consideration by 10 letters references MC16-007453 dated 8September 2016, MC16-008074 dated 28th September 2016, MC16-009284 dated 26October 2016, MC16-009848 dated 9 November 2016, MC16-009848 dated 8 December 2016, MC16-011042 dated 8December 2016, MC16-011269 dated 14 december 2016, MC 17-002540 dated 15 february 2017, MC18-004699 & MC18-004700 dated 12th july 2018, MC18-004702 dated 2nd july 2018.

    Minister of Human Services Australia referred my correspondence to department of employment in Australia for consideration by 7 letters references C15/7545 dated 16th december 2015, C16/121 dated January 27, 2016, C16/723 dated february 11, 2016, C16/724 february 17, 2016, MC16-003521 dated june 02, 2016, MC16-003826 dated june 15, 2016, MC16-004907 dated july 25, 2016. Applied for a compensation with Human Services Dept. in Australia by Speed Post EW776849079IN and the said department received my application with documents dated 16th October 2017 until no reply.
    Department of Employment Victoria reply Ref CMIN180338 dated 18th December 2017, CMIN165806 without date 2016, CMIN165407 without date, CMIN178064R 20th October 2017. Department of Justice and Regulations, Victoria reply letter dated 9 june 2016, 16th september 2015, 13th july 2016. Department of Premier and Cabinet reply letter dated 29th august 2017 ref D17/ 246062. Office of the Governor of Victoria reply letter dated 26th October 2016

    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reply letter dated 9th December 2015

    Employment Minister of Australia reply dated 13th August 2015 , ref MC16-003451 dated 17.12.2016

    President of the Senate reply letter dated 5th September 2018 and Australian High Commission reply letter dated 21st july 2015.

    You will find from the facts, documentations & evidences of my credible sincerity, honesty & integrity, you may very kindly appreciate my concern and agony of not receiving my honest claim against the work done by me. I may be permitted to state that I had empathized for the values that I bestow in order to serve with fairness, open mindness, to create genuine growth of the company which stands as a part of Australia, in the true spirit with the toil of (his) heart and hands, shouldering the courage to work from Australia & India. You will very kindly appreciate that non remittance of my honest claim payable on 31.07.2015 to me by erstwhile Australian employer is a great injustice and as I left with no solution.

    I believe you will understood & acknowledged
    a) my deep anguish, pain & sorrow for being unable to get my payment ;
    b) my sincere & rightful appeal for receiving my remittances ;
    c) my deep frustration & helplessness ;
    all of which made me to request Australian Govt for humanitarian consideration due to my employment with Australian company which stands as a part of Australia, then this form of rejection purposefully indicates, that instead of providing relief, Australian govt. dept. letters have increased further all my anguish, pain, sorrow, frustration & helplessness, showing that instead of expecting fair humanitarian consideration that I bestow in order to serve with fairness, open mindness, to create genuine growth of the company which stands as a part of Australia, dept answers have shown that real feeling as a human being stands far behind in Australia where the word mercy or kindness is deep covered by articulation of words in letters.

    Yours faithfully.

    Gopal Roychaudhuri
    (Master’s Degree in Economics and MBA in International Business and Finance)
    Global Advisor at GCC ® USA Presence in over 525 metro regions around the World.
    Email [email protected] and [email protected]
    Mobile 91 9830651265 WhatsApp and 9433944715®usa-around-the-world-9a5ba2153
    Presently 1700
    Most Valuable Dignitaries and VIP’s in the World.

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