Turnbull admits GST hike is on the table - Media Release

Malcolm Turnbull’s plans to jack up the GST have been exposed today, with the new Prime Minister confirming he plans to increase the GST just like Tony Abbott wanted to. 

In an interview on 3AW, the Prime Minister announced his Government is looking at options to make Australian families pay more every single time they go to the shops.

MITCHELL: So everything is on the table? Superannuation, negative gearing, capital gains tax, everything, GST, everything is on the table.

TURNBULL: Everything is on the table, that’s right.


Of course Mr Turnbull and the Liberals want to increase taxes that hurt low and middle income earners the most.  That’s because he is out of touch with the increasing cost of living pressures being faced by millions of Australian families.

Simply whacking up the GST is not reform – it’s a regressive tax grab from those who can least afford it.

With the Liberals now openly canvassing options for a higher GST, Malcolm Turnbull must be upfront about what his plan involves.

Will families pay more for their fresh food? What about education and trips to the doctor? And how will low- and middle-income families be compensated for the big hit to their cost of living?

Just last week Scott Morrison was telling us this country doesn’t have a revenue problem. His Prime Minister clearly believes otherwise if he’s planning to hike the tax take from every single Australian.

Labor does not support raising the GST because its burden falls disproportionately on the lowest-paid. The Liberals simply cannot be trusted to ensure Australians aren’t left worse off – after all, these are the same people that came up with a GP tax and called new mums ‘double dippers’ for receiving paid parental leave.     

If the Government wants to talk about making millionaires pay fairer tax on their superannuation or fairer taxes on multinationals, Labor is up for reform.

But we will not support hiking the GST, no matter which salesman the Liberals put up to make their pitch.   



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