The war on charities continues - Media Release


Representatives worried about the Turnbull Government’s war on charities gathered at Parliament House today to voice their concerns.

Along with my Labor colleagues, I met with dozens of representatives from organisations including:

  • Australian Council for International Development
  • Red Cross
  • Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Oxfam Australia
  • CARE Australia
  • Consumer Action Law Centre
  • Financial Counselling Australia
  • Australian Council of Social Service
  • World Vision Australia
  • RESULTS Australia
  • Pew Charitable Trusts

Two-thirds of Australian charities recently told Pro Bono that they are finding it harder to be heard by the federal government than five years ago.

During those five years, the Abbott and Turnbull Governments have tried to destroy the charities commission and undermine it with a revolving door of five ministers, before finally putting a long time charities critic in charge.

The Liberals put gag clauses in social services agreements, attempted to shut down the ability of charities to advocate and are now trying to extend the ban on overseas donations to political parties to also cover charities.

Labor shares the sector’s concern that the Turnbull Government is working to stifle charities and make it harder for them to carry out their essential work.

Our hard-working charity sector needs a government that works with them, not against them. It’s time to end the war on charities.


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