The Coalition's war on charities - Speech, Adelaide



Over the last five years, the Liberals have been waging a war on charities. They have attempted to shut down the charities commission, the body supported by four out of five charities. When they couldn't get that legislation through parliament, they decided to appoint as its head Gary Johns. Now Gary Johns is somebody who's attacked the Indigenous charity Recognise, he’s criticised BeyondBlue, he’s described Indigenous women as “cash cows”. Putting Gary Johns in charge of the charities commission is like putting Ned Kelly in charge of bank security. It’s like putting Bronwyn Bishop in charge of transport for politicians.

Meanwhile, Labor’s been working with the charitable sector. We see a vibrant role for charities in supporting better public policy. We don’t just believe that environmental charities should be planting trees, we believe they should be talking about deforestation. We don’t just believe that social justice charities should be serving a soup kitchen, we believe they can play a role in talking about poverty. 

We’re working with charities on our Fix Fundraising campaign. Don Farrell and I have been engaging with them on foreign donations reform. And Labor has created the first front bench position responsible for charities and not for profits. Because that’s the kind of cooperative, engaged relationship that Labor  wants to have with our vital charities and not-for-profits sector.


Authorised by Noah Carroll, ALP, Canberra.

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