Statement on the Shadow Ministry


My warmest congratulations to those chosen for the Labor frontbench today. Our party can be proud that we have so many talented people to serve in the shadow ministry.

I am privileged to have had the chance to serve for the past six years as part of Labor’s frontbench economic team.

As Shadow Assistant Treasurer, I developed 19 policies to close multinational tax loopholes and tackle the scourge of tax havens.

As Shadow Minister for Competition, I worked with the small business sector and consumer groups on a dozen reforms to rein in monopolies, including passing Labor’s access to justice legislation from opposition earlier this year.

As the first ever Shadow Minister for Charities and Not-for-Profits, I helped fight against the Coalition’s war on charities, and developed ten policies to strengthen non-profits and build a more vibrant community sector.

To the many non-aligned members of the Labor Party, I urge you to stay engaged with Australia’s oldest and greatest political party. Working in conjunction with the union movement, ours is a powerful force, and millions of voiceless people are counting on Labor.

Australia can do so much better than this rudderless Coalition government. The challenges of poverty and inequality, climate change and wage stagnation, sluggish productivity and civic disconnection will not solve themselves.

In whatever ways I am asked to serve by Anthony Albanese over the next three years, I will be working harder than ever to ensure that he leads Labor to victory at the next election, and delivers the change our nation so desperately needs.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra.

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