Retirement of Kate Lundy


In nearly two decades in parliament, Kate Lundy has helped shape Australia for the better.

In 1996, Kate became the youngest woman in the federal Labor caucus and a standard bearer for a more representative Parliament. 

She has been an early adopter of technology, seeing its power to widen our democracy, and bring more people into the conversation.

Kate is a star of the sports field, quick with a hockey stick or a soccer ball. Her prowess has even gotten her into trouble, as with the time she lost a bet with the UK Sports Minister, and was forced to row down the Thames wearing British colours.

In her role as Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, and then as Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Kate worked to fulfil the promise of a nation that is open to the benefits of migration and diversity, and which rejects racism in all forms.

Kate has never forgotten that she began her working life on a building site. She is a passionate fighter for good employment conditions for all Australians, and someone for whom the Labor movement is a deeply-held passion.

Of course, there is much more that Kate has done. Many Canberrans have told me how proud they are to have her as their representative in the Senate.

On a personal level, Kate has been a generous mentor to me over the past four years. I wish her well in what I’m sure will be a successful career to come.



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