Percy Begg Pantry - December Community Champion

Our December community champion is the Percy Begg Pantry.

Dunlop locals Alison and Erica began the Percy Begg Pantry in the beginning of lockdown to provide food and basic necessities to those doing it tough in their community. Since then, they have cemented themselves as a community staple and embody their guiding principle of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’.  

Located in Dunlop, the pantry takes donations of food, pet items, toiletries and baby goods that are available to people doing it tough. The pantry is never locked, available 24/7 and is a judgment free zone.

This is a fantastic example of how valuable community connection can be for everyone involved, whether it’s people in need of support or locals giving generous donations. Ali and Erica have received heartfelt testimonies from neighbours, with some thanking them for helping to keep the lights on and other sharing their gratitude that they can enjoy Christmas with their families knowing there will be food on the table. They themselves have been blown away by the generosity and are proud to be part of a community that cares so much for one another.

If you’re keen on helping out, donations can be left on the front porch of their place on Percy Begg Street. Items that are most frequently used include UHT milk, children’s lunchbox snacks, pasta/pasta sauce, and toiletries. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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