One Nation well outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse - Transcript, Gladstone


SUBJECTS: Labor’s plans to level the playing field for independent mechanics, Scott Morrison’s lack of leadership on One Nation, gun reform.

ZAC BEERS, LABOR CANDIDATE FOR FLYNN: It's great to be here today in Gladstone with Andrew Leigh, Labor's Shadow Assistant Treasurer,  talking to small businesses about what Labor's planning to do if elected the next federal election. We've made it clear here at JAX Tyres today hear in Gladstone that Labor's committed to making sure that we get the right reform when it comes to mechanics and servicing, to make sure that our small businesses right across the country have access to the right information, to make sure that they get a level playing field when it comes to servicing cars in this country. Not only that, we'll be talking about Labor's plans when it comes to what we're going to do to fix the issues n the banking royal commission and make sure that we get the right results for consumers in this country, to make certain that the findings of the Royal Commission make certain that Australian consumers get the right outcomes when it comes to accessing financial services. But I’ll hand to Andrew, who has probably got a bit more to say.

ANDREW LEIGH, SHADOW ASSISTANT TREASURER: Terrific. Thanks Zac, and thanks to Eli and the team for showing us around JAX Tyres today. Labor believes it's your car, so it should be your choice about where to get it fixed. Our policy of data sharing for independent mechanics will ensure independent mechanics have the data they need to fix modern cars. We've heard stories from Eli and Chris today about cars that have to be sent to Bundy or Rocky because JAX Tyres here doesn't have access to the software that the authorised dealers have. That's a waste of time for car owners and it’s a pain for great small businesses like this one. Labor will ensure that independent mechanics have the data they need to fix modern cars. 

I also want to say a few words about the extraordinary Al Jazeera revelations today about One Nation working with the National Rifle Association to water down Australia's gun laws. There aren’t many John Howard achievements that I’d praise, but one of them is the National Firearms Agreement which, according to research by Christine Neill and I, saved some 200 lives a year. The National Rifle Association has repeatedly told lies about the impact of that reform. They were slapped down by former Howard Attorney-General Daryl Williams who in 2000 demanded that the NRA take off air an ad that used false Australian crime statistics. Now we see One Nation in cahoots with these extremists, working with an organisation that has a history of campaigning against bans on armour piercing ‘cop killer’ bullets and went ahead with its annual convention in Colorado just days after the Columbine school massacre.

Scott Morrison as a Liberal has a right to be proud of the Howard achievement of the National Firearms Agreement. But if he's really proud of that, then he should follow the lead of John Howard, who himself said on the floor of Parliament that the Liberals would always put One Nation last. One Nation is a party that has referred to Islam as a ‘disease’ that Australia needs to be vaccinated against. One of their staff members was recently suspended from Parliament. One of their former senators will soon be censured in a bipartisan motion by the Senate.

One Nation is well outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse in Australia. If Scott Morrison had any strength of authority, then he would say that both the Liberal and the National parties will put One Nation last on their how-to-votes - where they deserve to be.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra.

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