The Government has lurched so far to the populist right, it has now begun defending the economic policies of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation as mature and rational.

In a radio interview this morning, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo claimed that One Nation’s approach had a certain “economic rationalism…reflective of what it is to govern Australia in a fiscally responsible way,” and that theirs was a, “mature approach to economic policy.”

One Nation’s economic policies include:

  • A flat 2% tax on every Australian.
  • (But also) Exploring the removal of Federal taxation.
  • Getting rid of penalty rates, ‘across the board.’
  • Opposition to globalization.
  • Opposition to free-trade economic policies.
  • A promise to withdraw from international treaties.

If these policies are part of what the Turnbull Government says is a rational, fiscally responsible and mature economic approach, than they show just how quickly and abjectly the Liberal Party has surrendered to far-right populism.

The Government has now reached the point where Malcolm Turnbull can’t even rule out preferencing One Nation.

John Howard had the guts and integrity to rule it out.

Bill Shorten has ruled it out.

But Arthur Sinodinos says that One Nation has changed in the last 20 years.

In fact, One Nation hasn’t changed at all.

The Liberal Party has.




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