Leadership and NAIDOC week in Jervis Bay - Speech, House of Representatives



On Friday I spent time in one of the most beautiful parts of my electorate, Jervis Bay.

I met with Jackson Brown, George Brown and Sherrie Tripp of the Wreck Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade, an Indigenous-run brigade predominantly made up of people from Yuin country.

Wreck Bay volunteers have spent the past two summers fighting fires both at home and around the country, with fires coming within a few kilometres of the community earlier this year. The volunteer fire brigade has 35 volunteers out of a community of only about 150 people, which demonstrates the extraordinary community engagement, connection and pride. They're an integral part of the community, putting on events like the Santa Run and providing pathways for leadership for young people. Brigade member Jackson said: 'Nothing makes us more proud than to be one of the few Indigenous brigades in Australia. It puts us in a position where we can protect our mob, engage with them and teach them about fire safety.'

I also had the opportunity to spend time in Jervis Bay School, where, under the leadership of principal Lana Read, preparations for NAIDOC Week were underway. Students have been preparing artwork about what country means to them, local bush tucker, constellations, Dreaming stories and stories of the beautiful natural environment. The school are looking forward to sharing their work with the community this week, and I wish them every success for the NAIDOC Week celebrations.


Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.

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