Labor to double philanthropic giving by 2030 - Media Release


An Albanese Labor Government would work to double philanthropic giving by 2030 by engaging collaboratively with the charitable sector.

Philanthropy is crucial to our nation’s future, and can help shape Australia into a fairer and more connected country. The billions of dollars donated by our nation’s more fortunate supports the invaluable work of charities - giving those on the frontline the funds they need to change lives - and helps empower communities by enabling local projects.

Labor understands that philanthropy is not about donors stepping up so that government can step back. Philanthropic organisations should be working in partnership with political leaders to find new and creative solutions to the challenge of building a better society.

By developing a stronger and smarter culture of philanthropy, an Albanese Labor Government will be able to better support the sector, helping direct charitable giving to those in need and backing the innovative spirit that has helped shape our society.

If elected, Labor would direct Treasury to collaborate with the philanthropic, for-purpose and business sectors to set a strategic direction for philanthropy in Australia.

Working closely with those on the frontline, the Treasury-led process would chart key issues, opportunities and obstacles, in order to identify a suite of initiatives to double philanthropic giving by the end of the decade.

This boost to our national culture of giving back would bring charitable donations as a share of GDP into line with countries like New Zealand.

Under Labor, Australia would have a government which works alongside philanthropic organisations and the charity sector to build a reconnected Australia. We would be a government that helps the helpers, rather than silences, shuns and sidelines charities.

An Albanese Labor Government would help Australians give smarter and help more.


Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra

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