Labor ready to make Tasmania the innovation isle - Joint Media Release


Joint release with Senator Lisa Singh

Federal Labor will encourage more Tasmanian school students to learn coding, entice more Tasmanian university students into studying science, and create the incentives for more people to start up their own firms in an effort to reduce the state’s unemployment.

“New firms generate a disproportionately large share of the jobs in any modern economy, so part of the answer to reducing unemployment in Tasmania has to be building its culture of science and research to generate start-ups,” said Dr Andrew Leigh, the Shadow Assistant Treasurer.

“Labor’s vision is to take advantage of Tasmania’s intellectual and infrastructure capacity and make it one of the first choices in Australia for science, research and new innovation industries.

“A Labor Government will improve Tasmania’s already strong reputation as a science and innovation hub by encouraging the start-ups being fostered through StartUp Tasmania, the Catalyst Project and Cradle Coast Innovation,” Dr Leigh said.

Great examples of successful Tasmanian start-ups include – producers of the “world’s simplest video maker” and the only Tasmanian finalist in this year’s ‘Big Pitch’ and Savage Interactive, builders of the ‘Procreate’ illustration platform for iPads, iPhones and the Apple iWatch which has won an Apple Design Award for its technical, aesthetic and creative excellence.

“Both and Savage Interactive are small-scale Tasmanian start-ups and proud of it, succeeding though global reach,” said Labor Senator for Tasmania Lisa Singh.

“If we do not commit to encouraging more entrepreneurial growth like this, we risk the prosperity of future generations.

“New and growing enterprises will attract other enterprises to Tasmania to share the same infrastructure and create positive networks for each other. It is through this process that Tasmania’s science, education and business hubs will grow.

“I know, with its creative spirit, great lifestyle and export culture, Tasmania can be the crucible for entrepreneurs in learning and creativity.

“But I also know it will take a Labor government that is serious about innovation and prepared to build the right start-up culture to get everyone talking about the ‘Innovation Isle,’” Senator Singh said.

FRIDAY, 19 JUNE 2015


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