Today, I was pleased to host the ‘Keep Me Posted’ team along with many Canberra residents at an open forum to promote the campaign for paper bills and statements to be issued to Australians without financial penalties.

With me at the campaign’s first Canberra forum was Colin Ormsby from Fair Go for Pensioners and Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of the ‘Keep Me Posted’ campaign.

In 2017, numerous banks, telecommunication companies and other service providers are pressuring their customers to accept electronic bills and statements, even though many Canberra residents find it difficult or impossible to access their papers online.

Keep Me Posted is challenging corporations to remove ‘pay-to-pay’ penalties for Australians who prefer paper communications.

The practice of charging a fee for paper bills is excluding many in Canberra’s community that don’t use, or don’t have access to the Internet in their homes. We know that these fees are disproportionately hitting those who can least afford it and are particularly unfair on our elderly community members and vulnerable Australians to be charged with extra fees that can easily stretch to hundreds of dollars a year.

Canberra Residents who support the ‘Keep Me Posted’ campaign but were unable to make it to the forum can find out more information here and write to their local and federal representatives.

ACT residents should be entitled to choose printed communications without risking a penalty from their corporate service providers.

FRIDAY, 24 MARCH 2017  


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