Congrats Charnwood Chemist - No. 1 chemist in Australia

As honourable members know, Canberra is of course the best city in Australia.

It is the part of Australia which is the most egalitarian and the most generous. Canberrans are the most generous with their time and money. We are the sportiest. We have the highest rates of sporting participation. We are also the most equal part of Australia. So it is no great surprise to me—but it is, perhaps, to some other members of the House—that we have the best pharmacy in Australia.

Capital Chemist Charnwood was decided to be the category winner—the No. 1 chemist in Australia. It was announced at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference on the Gold Coast. I would particularly like to congratulate managing partner Samantha Kourtis and her team for being a great pharmacy. To quote one of the judges of the competition, Victorian pharmacist Bill Scott:

Like many of the pharmacies this year, Samantha saw that there were needs in the community that weren’t being dealt with. For example, because Charnwood is an area where there is a considerable amount of diabetes and circulation problems, Samantha saw that there was a need for compression garments and wound dressings.

He goes on to say:

She deals with the local GPs, everybody in the area, and the pharmacy is known as the go to spot with anything to do with compression garments and wound management in the area.

Charnwood is an area which has a great sense of pride. The Charny Carny, established by Michael Pilbrow and others in the area, has put a spring in the step of Charnwood residents. And it is a great source of pride to me to have the best pharmacy in the nation.

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