Fenner Lecture 2017 - OpEd, The Chronicle

Fenner Lecture 2017

The Chronicle, October 24 2017

Not many genetic researchers can tango, but for Australian National University scientist Carola Vinuesa, it’s a welcome break from long hours in the laboratory.

Professor Vinuesa’s work on autoimmune diseases is vital for helping people with conditions such as type 1 diabetes and lupus. She has won a plethora of prizes, including the Science Minister’s Prize for Life Scientist of the Year and the Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship for biomedical research.  And if that wasn’t enough, Spanish-born Professor Vinuesa has worked as a doctor in India and Ghana.

At 6pm on Wednesday 1 November, Professor Vinuesa will deliver the 2017 Fenner Lecture. Named after the great Canberra scientist Frank Fenner, it’s a chance to learn more about how genetics is changing our world. As we did with last year’s talk by Dr Karl, this year’s lecture will be pitched towards young Canberrans, who’ll be asking the first questions.

So if you’re curious about science, or have a budding young scientist in the family, come along to the Shine Dome, and let Professor Vinuesa’s expertise spin your mind.

Carola Vinuesa’s talk starts at 6pm on Wed 1 Nov, at the Shine Dome, 15 Gordon St Acton. To RSVP, email [email protected]

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