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The Federal Government have released the COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19. Find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Australians of all walks of life are experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Australians have shown great discipline in complying with social distancing restrictions during the Coronavirus crisis. However, we cannot afford to relax and think it is all going to be ok simply because we have low case rate now.

Many people have contacted my office with questions about what the government is doing or about how they might get assistance.

As always, the best information will come from the government body directly responsible.

However, it can often be hard to find what you need to know, or who is responsible. That's why I've made this handy portal. Information and links are current as of the 29th May 2020.

For those who have lost their job or facing reduced hours, please see this section.

For business owners, please see this section.

For charities or not-for-profits, please see this section.

For those with questions regarding child care or schools, please see this section.

For independent young people, please see this section. (Also includes rental information for households)

For older Australians seeking information, please see this section. (Also includes grocery information for at-risk persons)

For the COVID-19 ACT support services map, please see here.

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