Coalition stalled on independent mechanics plan - Media Release


A Shorten Labor Government has a plan to help independent mechanics – the Coalition plans to have a chat.

Stakeholders have been explicit about the Government’s approach, with the Australia Automotive Aftermarket Association stating today that “it is now time for the Government to build on the ACCC’s findings and recommendations and implement a Mandatory Code as a matter of urgency”.

Despite having almost nine months to match Labor’s detailed policy, the Coalition have merely committed to another inquiry via an insipid consultation paper document riddled with bad ideas.

  • While the Coalition document suggests restricting access to some information for independent mechanics, a Shorten Labor Government will adopt the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s starting position that all data is shared.
  • While the Coalition suggests having no consequences for not adhering to the mandatory code, a Shorten Labor Government will propose penalties for those who do not comply.
  • And while the Coalition suggests giving manufacturers the upper hand when it comes to recommending replacement parts, a Shorten Labor Government will ensure motorists get access to affordable Australian-made aftermarket parts.

Since announcing our plan, at least 40 members of the Labor team have met with mechanics across Australia, talking with them about their challenges. From Ringwood to Rockhampton, Mitchell to Malaga, Labor has been listening to local mechanics.

Labor’s plan will save Australian drivers money by giving them more choice as to where they get their car fixed. It will put more Australians in jobs by allowing independent mechanics to compete with the big repairers.

Labor has listened and produced a plan that will fix the problem. The Coalition has instead sat on its hands, watching minister after minister ignore this problem before producing a consultation paper with more snags than a summer barbie.

Like other small businesses, mechanics will get a better deal from Labor. And drivers will know that under Labor, they’ll have a real choice about where to get their cars fixed.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra.

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