Australians want tax fairness - Media Release


Community members at last night’s Fairer Tax System Forum in Ingle Farm, SA, were unequivocal about the need for a fairer tax system.

Speaking at the forum, Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh and Member for Makin Tony Zappia warned of the risk to South Australians from the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s budget priorities.

So far, the Government remains soft on tax avoidance; hard on families and the schools and hospitals they rely on.

The growing sense of anger and frustration in the community is palpable, as the views expressed at the forum confirm.

Attendees noted the Prime Minister’s deafening silence on the Panama Papers, which have revealed the shocking lengths some companies and high net worth individuals will go to in order to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

The Australian Taxation Office is investigating 800 Australians as a result of the leaks, yet the Government hasn’t budged since slashing 4,700 jobs from the ATO and hampering its ability to investigate and enforce Australian tax laws.

Australians are within their rights to ask Mr Turnbull why he is refusing to take real action on tax avoidance by individuals and multinationals.

Australians are wondering why a median income earner pays more tax than the one-in-three large private companies with revenue above $200 million that paid no tax.

If Malcolm Turnbull wanted to do something about tax avoidance, he’d adopt Labor’s package of measures that will raise $7.2 billion, or he’d adopt our Private Members Bill raising penalties for companies that fail to comply with Australian reporting laws.


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