Australia’s most incompetent, thin-skinned, secretive, and cowardly government - Speech, House of Representatives


Australia has had bad Government's before, but have we ever had a more mendacious, incompetent, thin-skinned, secretive, cowardly Government than this one?

Australians are furious that the Morrison Government gave $13 billion of JobKeeper to firms with rising revenues.

In Britain, Canada, the United States and New Zealand, the public knew every firm that got wage subsidies. In Australia, the only reason we know anything about JobKeeper recipients is because ASIC required listed firms to disclose to the stock market. But only 3 per cent of JobKeeper went to listed companies.

That's why Labor moved to have a public register listing all JobKeeper recipients with a turnover above $10 million.

So, what did the Government do? They added a Clayton's transparency amendment that requires disclosure of the 3 per cent of JobKeeper given to listed companies

They're so scared, the only information they'll give to people is what we already know.

Privately, I know many of those opposite are embarrassed by DividendKeeper. In her column today, Niki Savva points out that 'Liberals fear long-term damage to their brand' because the Government lacks a 'commitment to any cause beyond surviving the news cycle' and from the infighting between the Treasurer and the Defence Minister.

If only they were as ambitious for the nation as they are for themselves.


Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra

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