Coalition members break ranks on GST to moveable homes - Media Release - Friday, 13 December

Today I issued a media release highlighting how Labor's concern about an ATO draft ruling on moveable homes is catching on. Several Coalition MPs, including the Assistant Employment Minister, Luke Hartsuyker, have complained about the draft law which if adopted would make the supply of a moveable home site taxable and hurt low-income people.


Government MPs are breaking their silence to speak out against moves to slug moveable home estates with GST, said Assistant Shadow Treasurer, Andrew Leigh.

“Karen McNamara, the Liberal Member for Dobell, is the latest member to criticise the Australian Tax Office’s draft decision on moveable homes.”

She told Federal Parliament yesterday:

I have been contacted by members of my community who live in moveable home estates and the message is clear, this draft ruling unfairly impacts on those who can least afford to pay more tax. – Karen McNamara (Member’s Statement, Thursday 12 December 2013)

“Since Labor Leader, Bill Shorten first raised this issue on 9th November a plethora of Liberal and National MPs have broken ranks to express their concerns on behalf of hundreds of moveable home owners, many of them pensioners who can’t afford conventional housing,” said Dr Leigh.

“By contrast, the Prime Minister - who promised a Coalition Government would make no changes to the GST - said in relation to this unfair ruling that ‘things happen’. The Assistant Treasurer says it’s merely an ‘administrative decision’ and the Treasurer has said nothing.”

"As with Holden, Joe Hockey seems to think that doing nothing is the best approach," said Dr Leigh.

“It’s time senior government leaders took notice. Did they hear Liberal Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker, argue for the draft decision to be overturned?”

My concern is that many people living in moveable estates simply cannot afford any other form of home… I have concerns that this decision will increase the cost of living for those who have least capacity to pay.” Luke Hartsuyker (Media Release, 5 December 2013).

The Nationals Member for Page, Kevin Hogan, and the Liberal Member for Forde, Bert van Manen, are among other Coalition MPs who have spoken out after being inundated with requests for assistance to fight the proposed GST hike.


Friday, 13 Decemnber 2013

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