More awards for local university teachers

Great to see the Spanish Program at ANU being recognised for its innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Andrew Leigh MP

Member for Fraser

20 November 2012

Award winners improve the university experience

The Spanish Program at the Australian National University has been recognised as one of Australia’s best higher education programs at the 2012 Australian Awards for University Teaching at the National Gallery Australia in Canberra last night.

Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh said Associate Professor Martin and his team had won the Award for Programs that Enhance Learning for their dedication to improving the experience for students in the higher education sector.

“In teaching the next generation of students, it’s almost like you’re getting to touch the future – to help shape Australia in decades to come,” Dr Leigh said.

“The Spanish Program at ANU inspires students to shape Australia and the world by opening up opportunities to work in and link with Spanish-speaking countries. It’s highly deserving that Associate Professor Martin and the team has been recognised with such a prestigious award on the national stage.”

The Spanish Program received the Award from Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, for innovation in curricula, learning and teaching.

The program led by Associate Professor Martin emphasises competency in spoken, written and aural Spanish with awareness of the variety of accents and colloquialisms of a language spoken in 23 countries. The program makes extensive use of technology and immerses students in the Spanish language, levelling the playing field for international students.

“Top university teachers are essential for giving our students the best university experience and a quality education,” Dr Leigh said.

“As an ANU economics professor, I enjoyed the chance to explain difficult concepts to students, and loved those ‘aha!’ moments when everything clicks into place.

“The influence of a university teacher lasts a lifetime.”

Dr Leigh said the Gillard Government had opened up the doors to universities and more students than ever before were taking up the chance of a higher education.

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