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The long tail of academic publishing means that two years after leaving my professorial post at ANU, I'm still having pieces appear in the journals. In case it's of interest, here are the handful of publications that have come out in 2012.

  1. ‘Does Racial and Ethnic Discrimination Vary Across Minority Groups? Evidence From a Field Experiment’ (with Alison Booth and Elena Varganova) (2012) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

  2. ‘Bargaining Over Labor: Do Patients Have Any Power?’ (with Joshua Gans) (2012) Economic Record

  3. 'How Much Did the 2009 Australian Fiscal Stimulus Boost Demand? Evidence from Household-Reported Spending Effects', B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics

  4. ‘How Partisan is the Press? Multiple Measures of Media Slant’ (with Joshua Gans) (2012) Economic Record

  5. ‘Teacher Pay and Teacher Aptitude’ (2012) Economics of Education Review

  6. ‘The Economics and Politics of Teacher Merit Pay’ (2012), CESifo Economic Studies (forthcoming)

  7. Intergenerational Income Mobility in Urban China’ (with Cathy Gong and Xin Meng) (2012) Review of Income and Wealth (forthcoming)

  8. Effects of Temporary In-Work Benefits for Welfare Recipients: Examination of the Australian Working Credit Programme’ (with Roger Wilkins) (2012), Fiscal Studies (forthcoming)

All my academic work - including many replication datasets - is available at

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