Great Northside Places - Part I

Following my praise of the northside of Canberra, my southside colleague Gai Brodtmann has fired back a couple of recent salvos. So I've decided that only empirical evidence will settle our north versus south dispute.

As a first step, let's answer a simple question: is the coffee better or the northside or southside? To test this, Gai and I will each nominate our favourite cafe. We'll subject ourselves to the decision of a trio of members of the fourth estate.

So if you're a coffee-loving journalist, and would be willing to judge, please get in touch. And if you're a northsider with a favourite cafe, please let me know.

I find it hard to imagine that any cafe in the south can hold an empty coffee mug to Roasters, Wilburs or Black Pepper, but we'll soon find out what some independent assessors think.

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