Jolly Good Fellows

A congratulatory message to the latest batch of ARC Future Fellowship recipients.

17 November 2010

27 ACT Researchers have received Federal Government fellowships for ground-breaking research to be carried out in the Canberra community.

The twenty-seven recipients of Australian Research Council Future Fellowships will share approximately $18.8 million dollars to undertake research to help secure Australia’s future prosperity.

“Sustainable agriculture in a changing climate, understanding ecosystems of grassy woodlands to better help protect them, working to save our Tassie Devils, electrical and optical couplings for use in energy transformations, and helping to bring quantum technologies closer to market are just a few of the innovative but important research being undertaken by these Fellows,” said Dr Leigh.

“The Future Fellowships scheme is specifically designed to promote research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia.

“The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers, such as these 27 Fellows, in Australia and avoid the movement of these highly qualified researchers overseas.

“Top class research is important to make sure that people stay well, maintain a good quality of life and have the skills to compete for high quality jobs.

“When I was an economics professor at the Australian National University, I was fortunate to be partially supported by ARC grants for my own research. So I am well aware of the benefits that flow from today’s announcement.

“These grants are great news for the ACT. Our community will benefit from new opportunities these research projects will provide,” concluded Dr Leigh.

A total of 200 Future Fellowships have been funded for 2010 at a value of $143.8 million.

For more information on the schemes, and a full list of successful projects, visit

Media contact: Shobaz Kandola

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