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Margaret Hender has asked me to publicise the 'One Person Can...' project. Details below
I'm emailing you to ask you to take a look at the website of the "One Person Can..." project, and to consider if you might find this project useful for encouraging householders in your electorate to take climate-friendly actions. It is a nation-wide project that is not affiliated with any political party or environment group. You can see the website at

The main aim of this project is giving a high degree of visibility to the various climate-friendly actions many householders are already taking. My premise is that many people feel rather helpless in relation to climate change, especially if they don't see the other people around them doing anything much to reduce carbon emissions. In practice, I think many householders are taking at least some steps to reduce their emissions. Perhaps they carefully switch off unnecessary lights or buy Green Power, for example, but these actions are not visible to other householders.

The core of the One Person Can website is a survey of 40 fairly common safe-climate actions. The survey results are sorted by state, by federal and state electorates, and by LGAs, with separate graphs showing the results for each area. For this project to have maximum effect, ideally every Australian household would be invited to take the survey and, perhaps more importantly, every household would get to see their local result graphed.

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