Mapping the Northside - in Parliament

I spoke in parliament today about 'Mapping the Northside'.
Mapping the Northside, 3 November 2011

There are many hidden and not so hidden gems in my electorate of Fraser. In partnership with the Belconnen Arts Centre, on 18 October I launched Mapping the Northside. Mapping the Northside is project where community members are invited to identify their favourite place on a two- by three- metre map of the Fraser electorate.

Community members can mark their spot with a drawing, photograph, collage, story or poem. This can be done online or at one of three creative sessions being facilitated by local artist Maryann Mussared on 29 October at the Belconnen Arts Centre, 5 November at Gorman House or 12 November at the Gungahlin Library.  At the end of the project, the map will be taken down and used as the basis for a people's map of the electorate of Fraser. These great spots in the north of the ACT deserve to be shared and celebrated within the community.

I would also I like to thank, for all their help and guidance: Hannah Semler, Director of the Belconnen Arts Centre; Philip Piggin; Evol McLeod; and Alyssa Hardy. A special mention also goes to Gus Little from my office for his hard work on this project.

Mapping the Northside runs until 17 November, and I cannot wait to see the precious gems that are unearthed.

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