Memorials Hearings Continue

The National Capital committee is continuing hearings into the process for selecting new memorials. Here are details of our Friday hearings, which are open to the public, and broadcast live via the parliamentary website.

National Memorials Ordinance under scrutiny

The Parliament’s National Capital and External Territories Committee will be holding a public hearing on Friday 14 October, from 10.45am to 4pm, as part of its inquiry into the National Memorials Ordinance 1928.

The public hearing will be held in Committee Room 2S3, Parliament House Canberra.

Appearing before the Committee will be;

  • National Capital Authority (Submission 30)

  • Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government (Submission 38)

  • Professor Janette Hartz-Karp, Curtin University

  • ACT Government

  • Returned and Services League (Submission 22)

  • Australian War Memorial (Submission 36)

Committee Chair Senator Louise Pratt said that the hearing would allow the Committee to examine the future of the National Memorials Ordinance from the point of view of government, planners and key stakeholders, complementing earlier evidence looking at the issue from the community, environment and heritage perspectives.

The participation of Professor Hartz-Karp will allow the Committee to look at innovative forms of public participation in memorials approvals, a key element of the inquiry. “National memorials are the common property of all Australians. Public participation in the conception, design and location of national memorials is critical,” Senator Pratt said.

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