Another Day, Another Dollar

Cuts to penalty rates add up - it can cost someone who typically already earns less than the average worker up to $1,400 a year.

That’s why, in our first 100 days in government, a Shorten Labor Government would restore Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for 700,000 workers.

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How Tall is Your Money?

Inequality is at a 75-year high with wages growing three times as fast for the top 10th as for the bottom 10th.

Can we still call Australia a fair country when we have so much wealth moving from the battlers to the billionaires?

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Your Plane or Mine?

The private jet market has doubled over the past decade, while legroom on commercial flights has shrunk.

Less cash shouldn't mean poor treatment.

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Mind the Wealth Gap

Inequality, monopoly and beer - they have more in common than you think.

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Smile, You're Rich!

You might not have expected to find inequality in people’s smiles, but it’s there.

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