The best lesson my parents taught me and my brother was a simple one: be curious.

Everywhere I go in this unique city, I meet people who are curious and passionate about the decisions that shape our community.

Canberra’s north rewards the curious. I've set out to build trust and engagement in the representative process and the people of Fraser teach me more about what that means every day.

Andrew Leigh MP

Latest News from Andrew

Competition inside the Coalition torpedoes good competition policy - Joint Media Release
COMPETITION INSIDE THE COALITION TORPEDOES GOOD COMPETITION POLICY Joint Media Release with Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen Sooner or later Malcolm Turnbull is going to have to make a decision on the economy. Today’s presentation by the rookie Treasurer on the Harper review and the effects test in particular, was embarrassing....

Turnbull's moment of truth on tax transparency - Media Release
TURNBULL'S MOMENT OF TRUTH ON TAX TRANSPARENCY Malcolm Turnbull has the chance to show his true colours today: is his priority tackling multinational profit shifting or helping big companies hide their tax affairs? The Senate will today vote for a second time on the Government's multinational tax avoidance bill. Two...

Want to help developing countries? Make it cheaper to send them money - Business Spectator
Want to help developing countries? Make it cheaper to send them money, Business Spectator, 23 November Few things are more admirable than a worker going without so they can send money back home to their family. Chances are that within a short distance of you right now, there’s someone working long hours...

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