The best lesson my parents taught me and my brother was a simple one: be curious.

Everywhere I go in this unique city, I meet people who are curious and passionate about the decisions that shape our community.

Canberra’s north rewards the curious. I've set out to build trust and engagement in the representative process and the people of Fraser teach me more about what that means every day.

Andrew Leigh MP

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What do you want done to improve housing affordability?
I’m worried that young Australians are being locked out of home ownership. Joe Hockey seems less worried - his advice for affording a home is to ‘get a good job that pays good money.’ We all know housing affordability is a lot more complicated than that. Here in Canberra, plenty...

Government chooses politics over super fairness - Radio National Breakfast
E&OE TRANSCRIPT RADIO INTERVIEW RADIO NATIONAL BREAKFAST THURSDAY, 2 JULY 2015 SUBJECT/S: Superannuation fairness. FRAN KELLY: The Prime Minister left nobody in doubt yesterday on the Coalition's position on superannuation tax concessions. TONY ABBOTT: We aren't ever going to increase the taxes on super. We aren't ever going to increase the restrictions on...

Talking political transparency and Grexit - RN Drive
E&OE TRANSCRIPT RADIO INTERVIEW RADIO NATIONAL DRIVE TUESDAY 30 JUNE 2015 SUBJECT/S: Political donations; Q&A; Greek economic crisis. JONATHAN GREEN: Joining me now from Sydney is Senator Arthur Sinodinos and in our Canberra studio, the Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh. Welcome to you both.  ANDREW LEIGH, SHADOW ASSISTANT TREASURER: G'day...

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