The best lesson my parents taught me and my brother was a simple one: be curious.

Everywhere I go in this unique city, I meet people who are curious and passionate about the decisions that shape our community.

Canberra’s north rewards the curious. I've set out to build trust and engagement in the representative process and the people of Fraser teach me more about what that means every day.

Andrew Leigh MP

Latest News from Andrew

OECD tax plan means crunch time for Hockey
The OECD has released an important report on action to tackle multinational profit shifting and tax avoidance. It's a welcome step forward, but now we need the Treasurer to step up and get its recommendations delivered both in Australia and around the world. MEDIA RELEASE OECD TAX PLAN MEANS CRUNCH...

Charity scammers prey on our goodwill
There's been a lot of concern around recently about charity scams and 'front' not-for-profit groups which channel money to illegitimate purposes. It's a timely reminder that we need a central agency to monitor and regulate the charity sector. Charity scammers prey on our goodwill, The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 16 September THE...

Treasurer Joe Hockey trashes economic forecasts
Today I've got an opinion piece in The Australian, supporting Chris Bowen's call for the independent Parliamentary Budget Office to be tasked with preparing budget forecasts and figures. The Coalition has already shown a worrying tendency to cook the nation's books, so it's time that power was taken out of the...

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