The best lesson my parents taught me and my brother was a simple one: be curious.

Everywhere I go in this unique city, I meet people who are curious and passionate about the decisions that shape our community.

Canberra’s north rewards the curious. I've set out to build trust and engagement in the representative process and the people of Fraser teach me more about what that means every day.

Andrew Leigh MP

Latest News from Andrew

Tax plan is on the table, your move Turnbull - Media Release
TAX PLAN IS ON THE TABLE, YOUR MOVE TURNBULL With the release of the OECD’s comprehensive plan to tackle multinational profit shifting around the globe, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison must now get serious about ensuring big companies pay their fair share. The OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Action...

Substantive soundbites - The Chronicle
Substantive soundbites, The Chronicle, 6 October What do fish ears, damaged brains and dark matter have in common? These were three of the topics presented at the Australian National University’s ‘Three Minute Thesis’ competition. Not since Monty Python’s ‘Summarise Proust in Fifteen Seconds’ competition, have contestants  had to boil so much material...

Government must stand firm on IP in trade negotiations - Sky AM Agenda
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TV INTERVIEW SKY AM AGENDA MONDAY, 5 OCTOBER 2015 SUBJECT/S: Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations; Start-ups; Prime Minister’s Economic summit. KIERAN GILBERT: Welcome to AM Agenda. With me this morning is the Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh. Andrew, thanks for your time. I want to explore the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations;...

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