The best lesson my parents taught me and my brother was a simple one: be curious.

Everywhere I go in this unique city, I meet people who are curious and passionate about the decisions that shape our community.

Canberra’s north rewards the curious. I've set out to build trust and engagement in the representative process and the people of Fraser teach me more about what that means every day.

Andrew Leigh MP

Latest News from Andrew

Putting fairness first means protecting tax transparency - Business Spectator
Putting fairness first means protecting tax transparency, Business Spectator, 24 July 2015 What do the Watergate affair, Project Wickenby and Jeffrey Wigand’s revelations about Big Tobacco have in common? They are all instances where increased transparency identified dodgy dealings and put an end to practices that weren’t in the public interest. ...

Retirement policies that outlive the Abbott Government - Speech to the 47th ALP National Conference
SPEECH TO THE AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY’S NATIONAL CONFERENCE MELBOURNE EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTRE, MELBOURNE SUNDAY, 26 JULY 2015 Friends, in the past year we have seen the strongest possible demonstration of Labor’s enduring values in action. In their first Budget, the Abbott Liberals attempted to cut pensions by $23 billion...

AM Agenda - marriage equality, refugee policy, emissions trading scheme
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TV INTERVIEW SKY AM AGENDA MONDAY, 27 JULY 2015 SUBJECT/S: Marriage equality; refugee policy; emissions trading scheme. KIERAN GILBERT: The Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh, is my guest, to look at the various elements of this ALP conference. Andrew Leigh, first of all on the same-sex issue, wrapped up...

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