WALK-W-ME - March Community Champion

Our March Community Champion is WALK-W-ME.

WALK-W-ME started in 2020 as a walking group for men post-lockdown to combat the isolation and anxiety caused by the pandemic. The group’s positive outlook and approach to mental health awareness through open conversation has led them to grow and become a positive Sunday morning routine for those involved. Now running a men’s, women’s and mixed group, WALK-W-ME provides a supportive forum to walk and chat and be part of a community. Starting something new is always a bit frightening, which is why WALK-W-ME is open to everyone regardless of fitness ability and is always welcoming to new faces.

Founder Zak Pino has emphasised the importance of connecting through disconnecting – leave your phone at home and commit your attention to one another instead. Members have shared how welcomed they’ve felt by the group’s judgment-free environment, including long-time Canberrans and people new to the ACT, showing how the values of WALK-W-ME are practiced by their members each week.  

If you’re keen to joining them for a walk, check out their Facebook page for further details.

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