This is Not a 'Wife Beater' Campaign

This is Not a 'Wife Beater' Campaign

7 September 2015

Federation Chamber

 In 2013, the ANU Women's Department's Alisa Draskovic thought to herself, 'Why is it that a blue singlet is referred to as a "wife beater"?' She said:

When I heard the term 'wife beater' it struck me … 'why do we refer to an item of clothing and make a reference to violence against women?'

Alisa Draskovic then set up, in 2013, the This is Not a 'Wife Beater' campaign. She featured in that campaign blue singlets with names such as 'Partner Respecter', 'Family Respecter', 'Child Respecter', and 'Lover Respecter'.

In August of this year, the third This is Not a 'Wife Beater' campaign was held at the ACT Legislative Assembly. Genevieve Jacobs was the MC and Jeanette Phillips gave the welcome to country and a very moving speech about her own experience. Among the other ambassadors were Vicki Parker, John Hinchey, Michael Costigan, Kylie Travers, Nip Wijewickrema and Yvette Berry MLA. Meegan Fitzharris, Chris Bourke and Mick Gentleman were also in attendance. The event reminded us of the importance for all Canberrans to take a stand against family violence and to ensure that our language does not support stereotypes and does not inadvertently support further family violence in our community.

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