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30 November 2015 

Politics is a team sport and in this final sitting week of 2015 I thank the team who has supported me this year. I thank my full-time staff, Lyndell Tutty, Jacob White, Thomas McMahon, Jennifer Rayner and Nick Terrell; and part-timers Gus Little, Lillian Hannock, Hayden Shaw, James Koval, Matt Jacob, Adam Triggs, Joe Walker and Michael Quincey-O'Neill. And I thank my volunteers, including Alison Humphreys, Ken Maher, Emma Bacchetto, David Winter, Waheed Jayhoon, Anthony McAdam, Helen de Landre, Sonia Loudon, Amy Haywood, Luke Martins, Justin Heatley-Hart, Tom Burgess, Matthew Morris and Eleanor Robson.

Staff and volunteers in my office do a vast array of jobs, including engaging with the most populous electorate in Australia with over 141,000 voters; arranging community events such as Welcoming the Babies, yesterday's climate march or our regular street stalls; drafting speeches and opinion articles, and answering correspondence and telephone calls; and simply reaching out to assist the people of North Canberra in the problems and challenges facing them on a daily basis. I want to thank team Leigh for all they have done to support me and Canberra this year and wish each and every one of them all the best for a safe and relaxing break.

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