This Is My Brave Australia - September Community Champion

Our September Community Champion is This Is My Brave Australia (TIMBA), a Gungahlin based group dedicated to using the arts to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

TIMBA shares stories and experiences of those in recovery to foster a sense of community, hope and honesty. Through poetry, musical performances, film and spoken word, each story helps reduce the stigma of mental illness.

TIMBA is currently working on an online music event in October to bring the community together, the Creative Minds Festival with Mental Health Month ACT. They are also currently accepting submissions for the 4th International This Is My Brave Mental Health Film Festival, which you can check out here.


TIMBA also partners with redTIMBA wardrobe and Ngunnawal Street Pantries to donate clothes to health units, facilities and group homes in Canberra.

You can learn more about TIMBA here. There are various ways you can get involved, including telling your story through art, producing a show in your area, volunteering or sponsoring a show.


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