September 01, 2017
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Reconnected NT - social capital conversations

The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP

Shadow Assistant Treasurer | Shadow Minister for Competition and Productivity

Shadow Minister for Charities and Not-for-Profits | Shadow Minister for Trade In Services | Member for Fenner

Reconnected - social capital consultations - Darwin

On 23 August 2017, around 50 Northern Territory charities joined Labor's Luke Gosling and Andrew Leigh.

The small group conversations generated dozens of ideas and observations, some of which are set out below. Please note that this list does not reflect Labor policy, but the ideas that were proposed by the charities and not-for-profits in attendance.



Charities have a great story to tell but people are busy with family and work. The sector wants to make better use of the best channels of communication - social media, marketing and word of mouth - to show people how easy it is to make a difference and how it can improve your outlook, your job prospects and your community.

Charities are looking for someone to help not-for-profits and volunteering organisations create a sense of community and a clear culture that people will be proud to be a part of.



  • Raise awareness of the value of volunteering and that working in the not-for-profit sector is a rewarding career offering flexibility and job satisfaction.
  • Invest in volunteering by educating people about the opportunities and experiences and by promoting the idea of a “nation of service.”



  • Need better ways to capitalise on the willingness of companies and their staff to offer collective support to charities and community building activities through corporate sponsorship and workplace giving.
  • Ensuring stable and predictable funding is a challenge. Short term funding periods mean no long term stability. Ideally, funding would be provided over long enough periods of time for organisations to plan activities that generate significant outcomes over longer durations.
  • Organisations are looking for better ways to capitalise on experienced and engaged retirees who want to give back and on companies who want to initiate donations or ongoing giving – for instance, through a Community Day to showcase local groups.
  • Multiple layers of regulation are still diverting time to accountability activities instead of working towards the purpose of the charity



  • For decision makers to properly value social capital we need better qualitative measurement for projects – cost-benefit analyses that deal solely in dollars and cents don’t reflect the sector’s value to the community.
  • Wherever possible, spread out – increase your efficiency, visibility and influence by visiting new communities and working with council, government and companies – ie. a playgroup becomes a mobile playgroup, multiplying influence by increasing networks and word of mouth.


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