Politics is a Team Sport

A thank you to my staff

House of Representatives 

1 December 2014 

Politics is a team sport. In 2014 I am fortunate to have had an exceptional group of people assisting me with speeches, articles, policy ideas and electoral engagement for the most populous electorate in Australia. Thank you to my paid staff: Toni Hassan, Damien Hickman, James Koval, Gus Little, Matthew Jacob, Michael Cooney, Joshua Turner, Jill Peterson, Taimus Werner-Gibbings, Jacob White, Thomas McMahon, Lyndell Tutty, Jennifer Rayner and my chief of staff, Nick Terrell. My interns, fellows and work experience students: Matthew Woodroffe, John Zerilli, Tom Russell-Penny, Kirrily Mackenzie, William Brown, Matthew Zagby, Annabel Johnson, Cameron Amos, Laura Rohan-Jones, Patrick Cooney, Joshua Woodall, Tim O'Hare, Jo Dodds, Caitlin Bunker, Jessica Hudson, Wolffe Gaunt, Daniel De Voss, Tim Griffin, Justine Ramsay, Griffen Murphy, Ben Molan, Harry Dalton and Lillian Bannock. And my office volunteers: Alison Humphreys, Ken Maher, Matthew Zagby, Hayley Pring, Rhianne Grieve, Joanne McCarron, Bernie Davern and Trishna Malhi. Each of these people has qualities I admire. Collectively they are smarter, more patient and more experienced than me. And it goes without saying that they are also funnier and better looking! To everyone on my team: thank you for what you have done this year to assist the people of Fraser, to help me and to make our small contribution to securing a better, fairer, more prosperous and more just future for our great nation.

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