National Heart Foundation Walking Groups - May Community Champion

Our May community champions are the National Heart Foundation walking groups. These three groups in Holt, Charnwood and Dunlop are an engaged bunch who would love to see more community members join them on their walks and promote healthy lifestyles and community conversation.

The Groovy Grannies in Holt cater to everyone with both fast and slow walking groups and precautions to ensure the pathway is safe to traverse. Identifiable in their bright red shirts, the Groovy Grannies fundraise each September to support research into heart disease and have clocked up an impressive number of kilometres between them - one member has completed over 1000 walks.

The Charny Capital Chemist Crew and the Dunlop Walkers also encourage new members, and meet regularly to stroll around the neighbourhood and local parks in West Belconnen. Their spritely walks are often followed by coffee to continue the conversation (and even the occasional bake-off) to continue building friendships and promote active living in the community.

If you’re keen on joining in, have a look at the details for each group here. New members are always welcomed.  

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