Ingram Family of Watson

Ingram Family of Watson 

28 November 2016

I rise to speak on behalf of the Blackfriars Parish in Watson, who have organised this petition to advocate on behalf of the family that they have come to accept as important contributors to their community. It is one of the strengths of our system of representative democracy that private citizens can petition a minister directly when they disagree with the result of a ministerial decision. The organisers of this petition describe a humble and hardworking family that are making a valuable contribution to the disability support sector in our city.

I pay my respects to the Blackfriars parishioners and to the many members of the broader community who have joined their cause on behalf of the Ingram family. I acknowledge the value of this earnest and spontaneous expression of the community's shared values. On behalf of Jacquie Cortese, Carmel Lewis, Lucy Esau and others who have written to me about the Ingram family, and on behalf of all the signatories to this petition, I seek leave to table this document petitioning the House of Representatives regarding permanent residency for Mr Clive Ingram and Family, which was found to be in order by the petitions committee.

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