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23 OCTOBER 2017

As patron of the high-flying Belconnen Magpies, I rise to acknowledge some of those who received awards at the club's annual event.

In the Rising Stars category, this year the Rising Stars fought hard in the preliminary rounds, beat the Jets and the Hawks but, alas, didn't make it to the finals. Congratulations to award winners John Rees, Blake Hourn, Tom Fekete, Brendan Garske, Alex Wenke and Fraser Miller. Fourth grade also had a strong season but didn't make the finals. Congratulations to award winners Matt Newman, Kael Hulin, Aiden Watt, Brady Daw, Jace Iemma and Blake Collins

The women's team played strongly, smashed the Lions in the semis and narrowly lost to the Jets in the preliminary final. Congratulations to award winners Jodie Hicks, Amber Allen, Raven Leatherby-Ford, Elisa Pevere, Natasha McKay and Melissa Pellow.

Second grade made the preliminary finals but lost to the Tigers. Congratulations to award winners Djali Bloomfield, Luke McGilvary, Joseph Pisciotta, Carl Wenke and Nick Burridge. First grade had a great season but were beaten in the grand final last month by the Ainslie Tricolours. Congratulations to James Bennett, Stephen Coate, Ryan Turnbull, Joseph Kenna, Blake Talsma, Jack Harper and Beau Walker.

Finally, congratulations to Fraser Miller, Natasha McKay, Rob Lamb, Phil Batten, Peter Dunn, Trent Hopkinson, Scott Reid, Ryan Turnbull and the first woman inducted into the Belconnen Magpies Hall of Fame, Jo Foster.

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