Ngunnawal Street Pantries - August Community Champion

The August Canberra Community Champion is the Ngunnawal Street Pantries. The Ngunnawal Street Pantries is a local, community driven group with the philosophy of ‘give when you can and take when you need’. They operate like public exchange book libraries; members of the public donate items, and anyone can take what they need.

They are accessible every day during daylight hours and open to anyone who is in need or knows someone in need.

The first pantry started about a year ago with a tub of non-perishable food items on a front lawn. It’s now grown into several different pantries across Ngunnawal, including food, women’s, craft, toy and pet pantries.



This is a marvellous example of the power of grassroot organisation and generosity to build community and reduce inequality.

The team at Ngunnawal Street Pantries also works with other community groups to fill specific community needs. For example, they’ve created care packages out of donations to match requests from Books for the Bush to go to people in fire-affected areas. At the start of the year, they visited fire affected areas in the Bega Valley to deliver baby rocker swings – to orphaned baby wombats.

You can find the Ngunnawal Street Pantries on facebook:

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