A Creative Capital over government - Op-Ed, The Chronicle

A Creative Capital over government

The Chronicle, 9 October 2018

For Dion Oxley, quizzes are about sparking the joy of curiosity.

Whether it's art, geography or history, her Quizling platform aims to use simple true/false quizzes to help children learn more about the world around them.

After teaching in Bangkok, Korea, Mongolia and Beijing, Dion founded Quizling with fellow Canberra teacher Damien Trask.

The platform is now used everywhere from Melbourne to Milwaukee.

A few years ago, I wrote in this column about 'Creative Capital', a book by Peter Dawson that pops the myth that Canberrans lack entrepreneurial zeal.

Now, Peter has a website (creativecapitalblog.com) featuring innovative Canberrans.

They include health innovators Marcus Dawe and Matt McGann and industrial designers Melanie and Peta Stamell.

Nathan Steggel's firm WindLab has created technology that identifies the optimal sites for wind farms.

Harold Dimpel built his own money transfer business.

Like his late wife Liz Dawson, who was one of Canberra's great social entrepreneurs, Peter Dawson's showcasing of technology entrepreneurs reminds us that our city is far more than the heart of government.

Inspiring innovators are all around us, and a part of what makes the creative capital Australia's greatest city.

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