A chance to see the British, Chinese or Indian leaders

Later this month, the British, Chinese and Indian leaders will address the Australian Parliament. For each address, each MP gets one ticket. I thought I’d offer mine to those who read my website or receive my eReport.

If you’re interested in attending, please email nick.terrell{AT}aph.gov.au. Your email should state in the subject header which speech you would like to attend, and say in one sentence why you’d like to attend. We will give the three tickets to those with the best reasons for wanting to attend.

Entries close 6 November and are limited to Fraser residents. Please only nominate for one of the addresses.

Also, please check your diary before entering to ensure that you can attend. The dates and times are:

  • David Cameron, Fri 14 Nov, 11.10am
  • Xi Jinping, Mon 17 Nov, 3.35pm
  • Narendra Modi, Tue 18 Nov, 10.15am

(Note that in each case, you will probably have to arrive an hour in advance.)

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