Jon Stanhope

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has just announced his resignation. Here's my media statement.
A Lasting Legacy

Jon Stanhope retires from the position of ACT Chief Minister with Canberra as strong as it has ever been. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in Australia, our schools are first-rate, and our natural environment is a treasure for all Canberrans.

Mr Stanhope has been willing to make hard decisions about schools, roads, and health care. He has introduced new innovations such as ‘Chief Minister’s Talkback’ – making government more accessible. We have Australia’s first prison built to meet human rights obligations, focused on getting the crime rate down through better rehabilitation programs. Mr Stanhope has stood up against discrimination wherever it raised its ugly head. Under his government, economic growth and social equity have gone hand-in-hand.

If there is a signature ‘Stanhope Style’, it is his deep understanding of Canberra’s history, geography and community. Few others can aspire to Mr Stanhope’s knowledge of our city and its diverse heritage. His pride in his home is unmatched.

Throughout his time in office, Jon Stanhope’s government has been marked by its unity and purpose. Though Mr Stanhope will be missed, I am confident that Katy Gallagher will be a worthy successor. Ms Gallagher will lead the Labor team to the 2012 election with a spirit of optimism and a determination to make the essential investments to keep our city strong.

I wish Jon Stanhope and his wife Robyn all the best for the next phase of their lives. Whatever opportunities Jon chooses to pursue, I am sure Canberra will continue to benefit from his passion and energy.

Andrew Leigh
Federal Member for Fraser

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