After running #AusPolValentines in 2012, and #ElectionValentines in 2013, I think this must be the year for #EconValentines (I have a pop economics book coming out in August).

Tweet your favourites, and here's a few to get you going.

  • Are my expectations rational? #econvalentines

  • You're the solution to my optimal stopping problem #econvalentines

  • You're the equitable and efficient solution to my problem #econvalentines

  • You've got a monopoly on my heart #econvalentines

Update, Thursday night:

  • Let's hold invisible hands together. #econvalentines

  • You complete me like the perfectly structured pigouvian tax. #econvalentines

  • @Elias_Hallaj When you are near me I devalue all my other investments #econvalentines

  • @Gary_Rake After more than 20yrs of marriage, still no sign of diminishing returns... #econvalentines

  • @AlysJ: you might be low in supply, but you're high in the demand of my heart. #econvalentines

  • @rgmerk: "when it comes to love, I want to be your monopsonist." #econvalentines

  • @TimHarcourt: with you I am forever in equilibrium #econvalentines

  • @julesmoxon: Our relationship is pareto optimal. #econvalentines

  • @John_Hanna: I've held nothing in Reserve. #econvalentines

  • @OBenPotter: shall I compare thee to a control group? #econvalentines

  • @MarciaKKeegan: when you walk into a crowded room, the Gini coefficient of beauty approaches 1 #econvalentines

  • @sarahinthesen8: Lets get fiscal. Fiscal. I wanna get fiscal. Let me hear your budget talk... #econvalentines

  • @HelenRazer Roses are Red / Violets are Blue / I think I'm a Keynesian statist but never get past the first 3 pages of the General Theory #econvalentines

  • @MattCowgill "There are no Harberger triangles in my heawhen you're around" #econvalentines

  • @llewstevens You make my homo-economicus behave irrationally. #econvalentines

  • @laurie_msYou maximise my heart's efficiency #econvalentines

  • Are my expectations rational? #econvalentines

Update, after Valentine's Day:

  • @philippascott It's so easy to love you, I always have the comparative advantage. #econvalentines

  • @MichaelAngwin Let our animal spirits run free #econvalentines

  • @asingh_au Let's promise to forever maintain our information asymmetry, for I will always be your adverse selection #econvalentines

  • Our love is subject to the Jevons effect #econvalentines

  • @TimWattsMP You're worth the transaction costs #econvalentines

  • You're the maximum likelihood estimator that best fits my function. #econvalentines

  • @StevenDooley In the long run, we're all dead. Let's do it. #econvalentines

  • @EconNotRocketSc My YOUtilty function is convex, baby #econvalentines

  • @hawthorne00 You and me contango #econvalentines

  • @troywheatley You're my only Giffen good. #econvalentines

  • @ben_mcduff I'm a deadweight loss without you #econvalentines

  • @JohnParkerCook My heart is outside of everyone's production possibilities frontier except for yours #econvalentines

  • @JohnParkerCook Sorry, Federal Reserve, these bonds are not for sale on the open market #econvalentines

  • @szarka The search for a mate Is rather taxing. Can we end it right here And say we're done matching? #econvalentines

  • @AnimalSpiritEd Roses are red, violets are blue; when the dating market cleared, my equilibrium was you. #econvalentines

  • @ecoen2tardes Love starts with "Let's go for a random walk" #econvalentines

  • @jaykody Your curves never make me feel indifferent #econvalentines

  • @jmackin2 I'm 95% confident I love you #econvalentines

Also, check out Elizabeth Fosslien's 14 Valentine's Day economic charts.

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