Tony Abbott on GST hikes: "Things happen" - Media Release - 5 December 2013

Today during Question Time today my colleague Justine Elliot reminded the House of what the Prime Minister said in August – “There will be no change to the GST, full stop, end of story.” She asked, 'Why then is the Government now considering applying the GST to relocatable home parks – the complete opposite of what the Prime Minister promised?’
Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh



Asked in Question Time today about the impact of putting the GST onto relocatable homes, the best the Prime Minister could do was to say "things happen".

"Before the election, Tony Abbott made a promise: that a Coalition Government would make no changes to the GST," said Shadow Assistant Treasurer Dr Andrew Leigh.

"But after the election, he's ducking and weaving like a true featherweight.

"Thousands of Australians living in relocatable homes are worried by the prospect of paying GST on their site fees.

"Yet the best Tony Abbott can say is 'things happen'," Dr Leigh said.

“When questioned in Parliament today about the draft ATO ruling, Mr Abbott’s response was ‘in the administration of tax law, various things happen’.”

Dr Leigh said, “The Abbott Government’s posturing that the ‘adults are now in charge’ is mere rhetoric.”

“Mr Abbott’s response squibbed the issue and shows us that this isn’t the government Australians were promised.”

“Many owners of relocatable homes are pensioners priced out of conventional housing. If the ATO draft ruling becomes law they will be hit hard.”


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