Abbott Government to increase red tape on charities

This afternoon I issued a release about the Government's disdainful treatment of the Not-for-Profit sector as it prepares to axe the charity regulator.

Abbott Government to increase red tape on charities

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh says the Abbott Government has a tin ear for genuine dialogue with the charitable sector which overwhelmingly wants to keep the first national charity regulator.

Social Services Minister, Kevin Andrews, said today that he’ll seek to axe Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) with repeal legislation to be introduced into the Parliament early next year.

“At the same time the Minister said he’ll listen to the sector. How patronising,” said Dr Leigh.

“The ACNC is the result of years of consultation and listening by Labor to the Not-for-Profit sector.

“The sector supports an independent regulator as a one-stop shop to strengthen charities, grow their profile and reduce red tape over time. The ACNC is based on a robust Productivity Commission inquiry.

“Mr Andrews claims to want to assist the sector but is deaf to it,” Dr Leigh said.

Before the election a major Not-for-Profit sector survey by peak body the Community Council for Australia and Tomorrow’s Agenda Research Institute reported a strong preference for the newly established ACNC. Eighty per cent of respondents said the ACNC was important to keep.

“The Abbott Government knows what it is against but not what it is for,” says Dr Leigh.

“This is another example of regressive and shallow policy on the run.”

“The Coalition talked a lot about consultation before the election but has already made up its mind about the ACNC with the veneer it will listen to the sector,” Dr Leigh said.


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